Evelyn Somers


Clyde Edgerton


The naïveté and paranoia of the Cold War years are perfectly rendered in Patricia Bjorklund’s irresistible memoir of a working-class Connecticut childhood. Khrushchev is plotting, Communism is menacing, the traditional Catholic mass is changing and her pretty, patriotic, white mom is wearing a wire and infiltrating the Black Panthers in a flip and a miniskirt. Amid all this turmoil, Patricia navigates girlhood and adolescence with a loyal heart, an observant eye, and a sarcastic wit. If you grew up in the Cold War era, you’ll love this book for the memories it rekindles—and if you didn’t, it will make you wish you’d been there. -- Evelyn Somers Associate Editor, The Missouri Review

This book will take your breath in so many places you will have to get up and get a drink of water. You must read it four times. Once for psychology, once for sociology, once for history (60s-70s), and once to laugh your butt off. Oh my goodness—if you ever wonder about those people who are for the constitution and gun rights, but against regulations that guarantee human rights; if you ever wonder about people who can love and hate at the same time; if you ever want to get deep into a child’s point of view; if you’ve ever wondering what a Catholic education might be like, then US & THEM is your book. Pat Bjorklund is a genius. —Clyde Edgerton, author of WALKING ACROSS EGYPT and PAPADADDY’S BOOK FOR NEW FATHERS